Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Hopes!

Newly elected FFBD's President DP Hj Mohd Hamid

Congrats Dato!

Vice President H Salleh Bostaman (BLNG CEO)

Assalamualaikum...Last night i've attended FFBD's 1st AGM which took place at the National Stadium. The main objective of the AGM is to elect new administrative members in which will be leading the nation's football development.

After being elected as President, DP Hj Mohd Hamid in an interview with bruneidaily said that he will be holding a meeting with the newly elected members very soon to start looking forward in developing this popular game.

"I love the game and I am ready to serve", said DP President.

Sec.General Sheikh Noordin

Deputy Sec.Gen. Lt.Kol.Dr Bahrin

*Its been a long time we didnt have Brunei Darussalam national team. This is a good step to have one. Brunei Yakin!

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