Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last eight.

Salam, good day. EURO 2012 came to the quarter final stage now with the last eight teams is gearing up to give out their best. After 12 days of entertaining football, now it's time to get another electric performances from europe's best teams.

Although both the co-host Poland and Ukraine failed to go through but I'm sure the tournament are still able to attracts the spectators to fill up the stadiums, impressive venues I should say.

Both the host nations has provided a world class stadiums and facilities throughout the tournament and they deserved positive assessment for this effort. 

In all the 24 matches played, we have seen spectacular goals, couples of upsets, great comebacks as well as controversial decision.

Not much of unexpected teams are through but in my opinion Greece and England are lucky to be in this stage. Few pundits expects Russia to go through but Greece has made it from Group A. Whilst for England, Roy Hodgson has done a good job in less than a month to form a group of players who is playing a very organised football and finished top in Group D.

In this quarter finals, it was a fair draw I assume but the likes of Germany and Spain are still the hot favourites. However the mighty Italian and France as well as Portugal were also the teams to beat.

The quarter finals kick starts later this morning at 0245 hours: Czech Republic to play against Portugal. Let's hope more matches to remember is coming up, more attractive football will be on show in EURO 2012:)

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