Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toughest yet memorable.

Salam, good day. It’s good to be back with the family after more than a week on assignment abroad. Foooh...I was a bit of a surprised when given this job because soon after return home, I will be on a holiday. This is the rezki and a responsibility as a servant which I should obey.
Alright, have you ever heard of a place called Samarinda?

Samarinda is the capital of the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. The city lies on the banks of the Mahakam River. It is the most populous city in East Kalimantan with a population of 726,223. Although it is the capital of East Kalimantan, some government institutions such as the Police, Indonesian Army District VI Of Tanjung Pura, and Pelabuhan Indonesia (Port Transportation) are located on the island. The city also has a bridge connecting its river banks, Mahakam Bridge. The city center is on one side and the other side is named Samarinda Seberang.

Long before, the cousin of mine have a told me a story of Samarinda. His team of army has visited Samarinda for a military exercises and trainings. Meaning they do have an army camp there and talking about Indonesian army, they are one of the best with one of the toughest training offered.

To go to Samarinda, you should take a connecting flight from BSB either to Singapore or Jakarta, then straight away to Balikpapan (Brunei used to have a direct flight from BSB to Balikpapan long before). It took you a three hours drive from Sepinggan International Airport, Balikpapan to Samarinda and it is very challenging journey! myself vomitted more than five times along the way! It was a quick shifting drive and they are very daring too.

It was a memorable journey yet the toughest one, which has cemented in my memory. Local Samarinda’s have told us, once you have drink the water of Mahakam River (main source of drinking water here), one day you will come back here again:)

Soon after landed at Sepinggan International Airport, all the passengers are transfered from the tarmac to the airport terminal by a shuttle bus.

Our aircraft 

Hmmm...I prefer watermelon *lol* 

The RTB Crew stretching their tired legs at Jalan Diponegoro, Samarinda. (L-R) Pg Faizal Pg Salim, Linggat Kelai, Zulhilmi Osman and Irman Emran.

Taken infront of our hotel 

It ain't easy to drive a car here, very tight and very dangerous.
120% focus needed! 

The lady in green scarf was just hit by a fast running bike *pity her*

About food, I'm a bit choosy. We went all over to look out for the cleanest eatery and the best food and this is one of them, Dapur Desa Restaurant. Good place for food but a bit cozy. 

RTB personnel at work 

At the media centre. Funny things about this place, day 1 to day 3 no nothing provided. Day 4 they installed a pc. Day 5, a chair and a table. Day 6, they put on a banner upfront "Borneo Games 2011, Media Centre" and also they put in a sofa. They promise us an internet connection, but until the very last day the internet seems invisible. But being a media personnel we never complaint, we know the problem they are facing. Media members are professionals who is always doing their job to the end, no matter the problems or obstacles they are encountering. The job has to be done!

Golden athletes of Maziah Mahusin and Ak Hafiy Tajudin Pg Rositi. 

Team Kempo Kensei's 

(L-R) Rahim Osman (cameraman), Shahir (driver), Linggat Kelai (cameraman) and Dhani (driver) at Mal Lembuswana, Jalan Siswondo Parman.

Our hardworking film editor Irman Emran 

One good place for muslims attire 

With Brunei's tennis ace Aiman Abdullah, Segiri Tennis Club.

The Boss is gobbling his Ayam Penyet *pure*

Al-Intsar Mosque, Samarinda. 

This fund box is keep on moving from one to another

Masjid Al-Amin, Segiri. I like this mosque, cute, clean and comfy... 

Sheikh Mahmuddin Mosque, Plaza Mulia, Samarinda. This mosque is located on top of a shopping mall. They do perform Jumaat prayer here too. 

"Disini susah mau parkir mobil pak..." 

Exclusive interview with the Chef de Mission, Mariam Ulat of JBS. 

Editing for the last item. Hmmm who is that on that small monitor? 

It's feeding time 

Palapa Satellite Transmitter, Samarinda. 

The guy in red is Ade Rahman and behind me was Pak Harno 

The panoramic view of Sungai Mahakam soon after Subuh prayer (I was trying to play with my shutter, hehe very bad pic). 

 The very last day over there, I've wrote a poetry...
"...Gagah Mahakam Sungai Ternama

Membelah Bumi Di Timur Kalimantan
Mohon Diri Ku Undur Kota Samarinda
Ku Mampir Ke Sana Andai Ada Kesempatan..."

Kicking start our quick stop in Singapore with Kambing Merah at Jalan Sultan 

The aftermath yehaaa... 

Later, a quick visit to Royal Plaza on Scotts's surau to perform jamak 

Hmmm, currently Singapore is very crowded and very noisy...December! 

Scene at Orchard Road 


At Grand Park Orchard. Such a gimmick! The guys is standing all day long, their job is just to smile and ready to take a picture with passers by. A ladies puller... 

Infront of the Paragon 

At the lobby of Royal Plaza on Scotts 

Photographers from the Information Dept,
(L-R) Shahrizal Said and Pg Bahar Pg Omar.  

I took this pic for my kids at Changi International Airport

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