Thursday, December 1, 2011

Honey and lemon.

Salam, good day. Its been a while I didnt share my thoughts here, which is due to my busy schedule which does not permits me to think and write, to snap and show. And I admit, I was a bit lazy too.

But I keep following the current issues. In the footballing world Liverpool has done a very good job against Chelsea in two consecutive matches. However, football was also hit by a tragic death of Gary Speed, Manager of Wales Football Team.

As I remember, Speed is a strong left footer especially during his day with Leeds United which he won the League title in 1992. English football is gonna miss him very much. 

About me, last week my long weekend (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) is ruined by high fever. I was on an overnight stay at the the hospital bed. Followed by two days on my bed at home. Haha, my long weekend has been taken!

Now I'm in the process of recovering, whilst also preparing for a week long assignment abroad. This must be challenging and hectic. Hopefully all comes good to me and to my family. Tawakkal:)  

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