Monday, December 26, 2011

Good rest.

Salam, good day. So far how was your holiday? I hope you do enjoy the long weekend and December holiday especially for those who is spending their time with their beloved family. No matter if you are on holiday abroad or domestically, lets hope the strong bonding among the husband and wife, the kids with their parents etc will last forever. Also, keep in mind that holiday doesn't means shopping freely. But shopping is only part of the holiday and we should only prioritizes the important goods. We should always remember that the new season of school is coming up, I'm sure it also needs large sums of cash for the registration process. Let's make 2011 a memorable year and prepare our self in heading to the new calendar ahead, Tawakkal;)

Have you ever heard of a Fes-Retro boutique? Now they are officially opened at Times Square, 1st floor. It sells football jerseys, football teams merchandises, collector's items, futsal boots etc. Compare to their previous location, Fes-Retro@Times Square is much more convenient and stylish. More stories on The Brunei Times Borneo Bulletin ranoadidas 

Today's The Brunei Times

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Today's Borneo Bulletin

The first time ever after almost twelve years, I've got myself a football jersey. This was a gift from the management of Fes-Retro to me (thanks Mr Effendi with Mrs Effendi & Mr Habry). I really appreciate this gift and will keep and don this jersey with pride. Why after almost twelve years I didn't don any football team's jersey? Since I joined RTB and being a radio and tv football pundit, the first thing to prevent is being bias. So during the time, I never bought any jersey. Be it on radio or tv, I never publicly told the audience I'm a fan of Liverpool FC. Although I revealed it now on bruneidaily.blogspot, but I assure you that I will not bias to any particular team on my show. Insya Allah:)

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