Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My 'Soto' Travels.

Salam, good day. Hope all been doing good and live their life in a perfect shape. This blog (bd) has been inactive for several months, this is due to my office committments. Few buddies has called me up asking why does bd not been updated for several months?
My answer is very simple, very busy and a bit lazy *lol*. My last posting was on 23 May this year.
Alright, let's mark my comeback into blogging world by sharing this ‘soto’ addiction campaign. This is so over long due. Actually, I didn’t remember when I started this campaign but I’ve kept it in my folder for so long. So I think, this is the right moment to publish my ‘menyoto’ activities.
For your info, I have been a big fan of soto *super-fan I should say*. I’m having soto at least once a week and never sick of having them continously. Some people may call it mee rebus or maybe sometime also known as mee sup.
Soto is basically a bowl of meat or chicken soup, accompany with noodles, fried sliced onion, few slice of meat or chicken. Sometimes it is also mixed with vegetables and egg. To make soto taste better, you are advise to mix it with Wah Hong Brand bottled chilli (a.k.a Lada Singapore, referring to its origin and popular among Bruneian and it is a must!) as well as soya sauce ketchup. Nyummm, I’m sure Brunei Darussalam is the best place to have the best soto.

But during my soto travels, only one or two didn't stand out. Please do enjoy the review but remember, we all have different taste, so don't be influenced by my writing here. Below is showing my Top 10 Soto Travels in Brunei Darussalam, Bismillah...:)

At number 10 is Soto Bunut in Kiulap. Actually I wanted to place Soto Rosmini here, but I'm not comfortable with the environment, so I replace Soto Rosmini at number 10 with Soto Bunut.

Number 9 is Soto Selera Babu in Sungai Akar, $1.00 each.

Number 8 is Soto Abang Jaine in Jerudong

Number 7 is Soto Restoran Hayati, simple but tasty.

At number 6 is Soto Rolyani at Batu Bersurat, a bit salty but still good.

At number 5 is at this gerai just across Berakas Sports Complex, good value for money here.

Soto Tinis came at number 4, I wish the price would go down soon.

Soto Kampong at Sumbangsih Bahagia is placed at number 3, 
love the environment and good value for money too. 

This is very evergreen. Located at Gerai Serambangun, I ranked this Soto Haji Tuah at number 2. It is only because of the distance which does not permits me to come very often. Still doing good!

Thumbs-up from Sa'adah and I make another thumbs-up to make it two. Through out my soto travels, this is the best ever soto I ever had, Soto Sofian. It came with a clear soup, fresh chilli slice, fresh meat and the most important of all, it only cost you $2.00. Current location is in Salambigar, previously is at Kampong Subok. I like the previous location but not the current one. However, it still serve good food and of course good value for money. I'm very addicted!


  1. salam tuan...ada SOTO PABO di Pintu Malim...

  2. cuba soto Pabo kawan ku.. from Rizal

  3. Sutu siring Tasik ...Jln Sungai Akar...

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