Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good for you, good for us.

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik attended the second graduation of the Darusysyifa Warrafahah, an Islamic Welfare and Medical Association held this morning at UBD Chancellor Hall.

This part showcases the 'herbs'

HRH Prince 'Abdul Malik touring the publication exhibits

Some good perfume 'attar' can be found here *it smells really good*

My cousin Abdurrahman Abu Bakar is graduated as well. He has been the 'Imam' for the big family of our late grandfather, Yassin Sulaiman. I'm glad and happy to see him further his knowledge in this religious practice. It ain't easy to complete such course, they need to memorise 20 main zikir and has undergone 80 hours of learning programme.

This is my commentary stuff

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