Monday, January 31, 2011

Right path.

Salam, good day. RTB Media Carnival came to an end yesterday with a high note. According to the statement by the organising committee, almost 175,000 has visited the carnival since it was launched on Wednesday.
Not only RTB, but the carnival also involves the participation of RTB's stakeholders from various government agencies as well as the private sectors.
I can hardly pay a visit since the carnival was also coincides with the Inter Ministries Sports, which I've covered all week. But yesterday I manage to spent couples of hours to tour round ICC.
It was very noisy yesterday, 'Bermukun' at the main hall entrance, 'Battle of the Band' at the main hall and Best 914. But the most happening was the appearance of Wilda Hamid and Giovanni Tobing of 'Cinta dan Anugerah'. Very happening indeed, cant wait for next year's carnival:)

Walk-in audition for sports tv presenter

Birthday celebrant Mr.Ali Yusri Abdul Ghafor (C)

Radio mock studio, Dj Zak and Dj Hilmi of Harmoni FM in the house!

OGDC showcasing their activities

This is the noisiest part at ICC, Battle of the Band!

Giovanni in the house baby!

It ain't easy to meet and greet

Haha, however we manage to catch them at the airport prior to their departure. Then, soon after he arrived in Jakarta, Gio texted me '...Ok bro... Keep in touch ya. I just arrived...'. Thanks Gio and Wilda for your warm gesture. Bring along Yasmine on the next coming *lol*

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