Monday, September 20, 2010

Sa'adah turns 4.

Salam, good day. My daughter Sa'adah turns 4 today. From three of my kids, she is the most active and she eats a lot! In comparison to her sister and brother, she is the heaviest at her age. Now in her kindegarten days, now she behave well and knows how to manage her time. My wife and I feels very lucky to have her, she is the one to break the silent. She is the one who makes us laugh and makes us angry as well, haha... We pray to Allah the almighty, the most gracious and most merciful for her success and with the guidance of Allah may she be obedient to Allah, follows the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as well as obedient to her parents:)

Its ain't 8, its 4 instead.

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