Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Move on.

Salam, good day. Although it is the second week of Syawal, we can still feel the spirit of celebrations everywhere. Invitations for hari raya open houses keep coming in to my inboxes, meaning that until now I'm yet to perform my six-day fasting in Syawal. I hope in the coming days I would able to that. Meanwhile, if you happen to turn on today's Borneo Bulletin you will see one interesting topic being highlighted by a 'Road Namer'. Haha, it seems very hilarious! I do agree with his opinion, road name should not be translated. I came across with this before when one of my foreigner friend says that not only road name should not be translated, but banks, shops and buildings as well. Please click on my previous postings on bruneidaily Thursday, May 21, 2009 for further comments:)

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