Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three...Two...One...15 July 2009.

Salam, good day. More events is being cancelled due to the scare of H1N1 spread. The latest was 'Sambutan Israk Mikraj'. Day by day, the number of infected person is getting increase. We can't blame them with due respect that they're also need to go out for office commitment or so. The most important thing to do is prevent ourself to attend social activities and of course continously implement the healthy way of life, which would help to stop the spread of the scary flu. More pictures from my recent working trip to Singapore. Have a pleasant week ahead:)

As they have this at Changi Airport, we should also have this by now. Bin for plastic bottle (L), can or tin (M) and newspapers or papers (R). This is for recycle mean. Very good initiative and I'm very supportive for this cause.

Also at Changi Airport, I met Sir Elton John *oooops*

He is made up of bricks.
The winner will get a cash prize if I'm not mistaken *forgot*

Nicely done by primary school children *applause*

This is the team (Brunei DPMM FC) bus

Very spacious at the upper deck

One of Brunei hottest properties,
Shahrazen with his brand new boots.

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