Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th loss, stays 4th.

Salam, good day. I'll be back to Brunei this morning. In regards to last night Brunei DPMM FC's match at Jalan Besar Stadium, on my thought we are able to win the match. Yes, we really could. But the only thing, the scoreline doesn't say that. Alright, let's get positive. We can learn something from the defeat. The next match was against Albirex Niigata on the 18th of July in Bandar Seri Begawan. More pictures below at Jalan Besar Stadium prior, during and after last night's match:)
This is what you call the 'art of strategies' by
Mr Vjeran Simunic

'Main carah'

It looks very relaxing

Suhaimi (15) playing in the absence of Komar

The Boss and The Captain

Ddogyi's close range header, point blank save by the goallie

Both of them was in the peak of their form

Few super saves by Wardun during the match

The backbone of the team

Both of them was suspended
Rene (L) and Sairol (R)

Although we've lost but Hamed has won it for us

Azwan shining Shahrazen's boot

I watched this recorded programme in my hotel room.
But who is this? *applause*

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