Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Football future?

Salam, good day. The 'who is' football governing in Brunei Darussalam came to a very serious matter now. Since the de-registration of the previous body (BAFA) by the government of His Majesty, the newly formed FFBD also suffer their consequences too after FIFA would only recognise the previous association. But for me as rakyat of this wonderful nation, I would choose to be on the government side.

FIFA on BAFA's deregistration
By James Kon

Brunei can only move forward in the future development of football with FIFA if the deregistered Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (BAFA) is re-instated.

This was the message relayed by the visiting FIFA's director of member associations Thierry Regenass who is here to discuss with relevant parties including football clubs and football stakeholders on the future of football in the sultanate.

In an interview, Regenass said: "It is very important for people in Brunei to understand that BAFA had been deregistered by the Registrar of Societies. And for FIFA as well as AFC, this is not something that we can accept because it is an act of government interference in the management of football, which is against one of the fundamental principles of FIFA."

"Therefore, we hope to convince through this mission (third of its kind) to Brunei to re-instate BAFA. Then we will be able to work together for the development of football in Brunei Darussalam."

BAFA, the former governing body of football in Brunei, was deregistered on 15th November 2008 for failing to submit the minutes of their annual general meeting.
Under the 2005 Societies Order, all registered associations must abide by the rules and regulations, in particular Section 22 where associations are required to submit the minutes of their annual general meeting within 60 days.

BAFA who is the only association in Brunei that is affiliated with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and AFC (Asian Football Confederation), tried to appeal the decision but the Ministry of Home Affairs cannot reconsider the appeal.

Following the deregistration of BAFA, a new football governing body was formed. Currently, the Football Federation Brunei Darussalam is recognised as the new governing body for football in the country by local authorities.

However, FIFA only recognise BAFA causing the future of Brunei football at the international arena in jeapardy.

Regenass also highlighted: "We understand that there may have been concern over the way that BAFA was managed before and we (FIFA) are ready to work on that, for instance, nomination of new interim committee that comprise of new people that would temporarily manage BAFA until the proper statute and a proper election take place."

On any meeting with government officials, he revealed: "We had discussions with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and we have conveyed the same message that it is very important for BAFA to be reregistered so that we can move forward."

When asked if there is any other solution that Brunei can take besides reinstating BAFA, he expressed: "I don't think so, because an association can only dissolve itself, FIFA is an association of associations and we cannot accept that our member is dissolved by a government. Only an association can dissolve itself, and this was not the case here, so BAFA must be reinstated in order for us to move forward."

"Without the reinstatement of BAFA, we will be forced to defer the issue to the FIFA Executive Committee at the next FIFA Congress in September," Regenass added. - Borneo Bulletin.

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