Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Return to BWN.

I really miss them...
My daughters Zahra', Sa'adah and my only son Abdul Aziz.
Abdul Aziz was 47 days old

Salam, good day. Weaheeyyy...another good result at Jalan Besar last night for our beloved team. Hj Muhd Subhi was the hero who scored the only goal in the 23rd minutes after a neat pass from Jerkovic sends Subhi through on the right flank to open DPMM FC's first account in the League Cup. Congrats! Meanwhile, I've met a lot of my friends prior to the match and I offered them to watch the match. Hey, what a coincidence! They've enjoyed the match as I was. Later today, I will be leaving Singapore. I'm gonna miss a lot of things, mainly the food:)

My new friends at the Brunei High Commisioner

During my visit to FAS office. In Singapore,
I'm really impressed with the way they coordinate with us.
Very cooperative. Excellent!

It's been along time I didn't meet Mirul of BIBD (hat on).
He was on holiday here.

My friends at the State's Mufti Office in Brunei.
They are attending seminar here.

This is Mr & Mrs Wadi of Baiduri Finance. Also, it's been a while I didn't meet him. But why in Singapore? Haha...they are on holiday too. Wadi was a football lover. During his college days in KL, should time permits he will catch every Brunei match in Malaysia.

Singaporean DPMM FC's supporter

The team leaving the hotel on couch. Hj Momin (DPMM FC)
and Hj Mohd Taha (RTB) in conversations.

What they are doing...?

Rather than at the hotel,
we prefer having breakfast here at Adam's Road.

Damn, it's really good

This is my lunch, mixed rice with...

Sup favourite *slllrrpp*

This is what the ladies above are doing. This is call 'putu piring'. Very sweet indeed. Made up of a grind coconut, brown sugar and pandan. If you happened to visit Singapore, please have a taste of it at Geylang Serai.

I met my friend Wadi Wahab at Geylang Serai. He is a big fan of 'putu piring' as well. Then I offered him to watch last night's match and he did come with Mrs. Only Rudy Rahim who is attending in-service training here unable to come this time.

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