Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mid year now.

Salam, good day. Back to office now after my recent working visit to Singapore. I was still looking back to my working rhythm. It seems that I was a bit down in terms of work rate for the past few weeks. I don't really know why, but Insya Allah I won't let it go all the way like that:)

My breakfast at the hotel *very crispy waffle*

I wish to go there *any sponsor?*

Scene at Bugis Junction *similar to Petaling Street, but here far more cleaner*

This is my lunch, very well known Singapore laksa.

My hi-tea, 'putu piring' again.

Never leave Singapore without this *you'll love it*

I ain't ready yet to get myself a biography. Yeah, I love books but more to politics, sports and current affairs. Sorry Stevie G...

Miss Madonna appologise.
Not your biography that interest me but your music was.

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