Thursday, May 21, 2009

DPMM FC vs Woodlands tonight.

Salam, good day. I was still on my medical leave, so please don't expect much alternative news on bruneidaily. Brunei Darussalam is one of the country in this globe (after middle east country of course) which is still applying 'jawi' (arabic letters) widely. We can see 'jawi' everywhere in Brunei such as government offices, commercial buildings, streets label, shops, schools etc. As Bruneian, I'm glad to see that. I'm really glad! But one thing plays in mind, mainly on shops label the 'jawi' does not synchronised with their brand. Sometimes they use the 'jawi' to directly translated the company label or brand. Actually I'm yet to know the procedure. I have few examples below. What is you thought? Cheers:)

Gran Truck-ismo! The truck actually overtook four cars to get infront, including me. It is very dangerous to see truck running that fast. Also, the truck is fully loaded!

This is what I mean. The brand was Great Eastern (on your left). But the brand changes to Timur Raya in 'jawi' (on your right). Maybe the jawi should be something like this ga, ro, ya, ta (great) and alif, sin, ta, nun (eastern). Hahaha, maybe something like that. But on my opinion it shouldn't be directly translated.

Golden Music Centre goes to 'Pusat Muzik Emas' in 'jawi'. People will never know where is 'Pusat Muzik Emas'.

See...'jawi' is everywhere. Brunei identity

It is a must to include 'jawi' in every signboards

I have problem with my air-conditioner. Water pouring for the whole day.

Then I go for servicing. I have one very good thai air-cond mechanic name Sujai (Sut-chai). He charge $40.00 for general service. Previously I've used mechanic with the asking price ranging from $25-$35. But the outcome is not as you would expected. Sometimes they ask you an additional charges. Not with Sujai, the $40.00 covers all problem. The outcome not that bad too.

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