Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to work.

Salam, good day. Today I'm back to the office. My tray-in is full of letters. Weaheyy, I have a lot to update! I expect more to come (assignment)for me in the coming weeks and months. In Brunei, people involve with media seems very busy for almost the entire year. On my thought, only in the month of March (after The National Day) until the end of May media people was a bit of relief. Media in Brunei still plays a big role in supporting the government and private sectors to achieve their aspirations. It seems that, media people was a friend to be for everybody. Also, as a media people be it a journalists, reporter, author or etc we should also respect and follow the regulations being underline for media publications. We are not allowed to touch on sensitive issues or sensationalising stories. Media is to give out correct informations in which Insya Allah will drive the nation's on the right path for success:)

Why this picture? Alright, during I was on leave I took an opportunity to tidy up my place. Bahasa Melayu we call it 'ampar' (exhausted), a lot of things to clear up. Some of the stuff I just threw it away in order to get more space since we have a month old baby in the family. About this picture, I've just found it during the 'cleaning campaign'. This was taken in Tagaytay, Philippines. During the time I was there, people was keep looking at me. Why? This place is very cold (highland). People around is donning thick cloths. But look at me, a piece of shirt and I was shivering then...shame you! It took me 2hours++ from metro Manila to reach there. I really miss this place, very nice and of course very romantic for loving couples!

I appologise for the quality of this picture. My friends while in Manila from left; Nurzainah Ramlee (3rd Sec), Omar Abdul Hamid (3rd Sec), me and Haris Tuah (1st Sec) at The Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Manila.

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