Monday, April 6, 2009

It's ain't red yet, it is 'brawn' again!

Salam, good day. I appologise for the lack of updates for the past few days due to workload. I have completed a couples of assignment then and looking forward to wind up another. Last Saturday night, The Charity Football Match between AM GUNNERS FC and MUARA VELLA FC was held at the National Stadium. The charity event has collected the total amount of $6,081.00 of donation which then is to contributed to The Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Orphanage Fund, Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajah Maryam, KACA and SMARTER Brunei. AM GUNNERS defeated MVFC by 5-0 and HRH Prince Abdul Mateen of AM GUNNERS has scored one of the five goals. Congrats to the organiser and many thanks to Puan Hajah Maryam Abdul Aziz and my very good friend Mr Muhammad Yazid DP Yakub on being very nice and kind to me. Thank you, thank you and thank you! Also congrats to FFBD, The Department of Youth and Sports and Co-Curriculum Department on their effort to organise National U-14 Football League which kick off yesterday at The Menglait Sports Complex. Ten teams competed, 5 teams in each group. The U-16 is coming soon as well as the senior level. Go FFBD, the footballing addicts in Brunei will always support you! Brunei Yakin!
The U-14 spectators

MVFC (red) vs SKIM JBS BELAIT (gold)


The referee, Pg Azman

The match ended MVFC 5-0 SKIM JBS BELAIT

It was raining during the charity match

MVFC in gold and AM Gunners FC in red

HRH Prince Abdul Mateen (standing 3rd from right)

This is their supporters

Muara Vella FC
This club have their own academy as well...good effort!

and this is their supporters!

Did you remember the movie 'Street Kings' starred
by Keanu Reeves. He driven this wonderful ride
'Mustang'. Woo...a very good sound too!

But HRH prefer to be onboard here

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