Friday, March 6, 2009


Salam, good day. In today's khutbah has stressed on the importance for us to follow the foosteps of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The Prophet is very hardworking, very down to earth and never took advantage from others but giving help instead. In everyone of us lies a lot of responsibilities. As human being, we are the best creature in this planet. Allah gave us brain to think + and -. By thinking +, it will drive us to gain an excellent living not only for today's living but until the here after. But if you think -, it will brings you the other way. Prophet Muhammad is a very great person, physically and mentally very strong. Everything what The Prophet have done either at work, at home and at 'ibadat' was entirely perfect. So, lets follow the Prophet's footsteps and think + in order to live an excellent life and may Allah bless us with 'redha', now and in the here after. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

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