Thursday, March 5, 2009

ABM Again!

Salam, good day. Good start, good result and even good perfomance! Super Reds FC came here with a good reputation as last season's runners-up. But that doesn't help as DPMM FC played as usual, took their chances and attacking the Korean team organisingly. What a display! The Korean team took the lead in the 13th minutes after Jeon Byung Euk converted a penalty kick. Brunei DPMM FC then equalised by an excellent free kick scored by Yusof Salleh in the 61st minutes. The new local hero Abu Bakar Mahari scored the winning goal in the 84th minutes to hand the home team a valuable three points in their first home match. Congrats!

Arguing all the time

RTB's commentator & emcee

Super Reds goal from the spot

Yusof Salleh equaliser from 30 yards

ABM winning goal in the 84th minutes

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