Saturday, February 7, 2009

National Day Silver Jubilee...16 Days Left.

Salam, good day...Although it was Saturday, but lets talk about yesterday, Friday. The superior day of a week, the day for the fakir to perform haj, the day for the miskin to celebrate their hari raya. The khatib on their sermon (khutbah) stressed on the importance for the muslims to present at the mosque as early as they could to perform Friday prayer in order to get the best out of it. In the sermon also stated who come early to the mosque would be highly rewarded by Allah the almighty. For muslims (men/boy), it was a must (wajib) to perform two rakaat Friday prayer at Zohor time on every Friday.

In the meantime due to the current situation, certain area in the country is not accessible by road. Floods and landslides caused big problem mainly in Tutong District and some area in Belait. Not only the residence of the respective area and the NDMC personnel couldnt sleep well, but we as rakyat also feeling the same thought. Sympathy is not enough, lets give them a helping hand to overcome their difficulties. Brunei Yakin!
National Day Silver Jubilee, 16 days left...
Banners at Jalan Sultan...
Gearing up for 'Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan'
High tide at Sungai Brunei Landslides at Kampong Subok

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