Thursday, February 5, 2009

Liverpool FC out of FA Cup

Salam, good day...For the past few weeks on my post, I keep on saying about the weather condition in Brunei Darussalam which is still very unhealthy. Heavy rain caused flood, heavy rain caused is very unusual here in Brunei Darussalam. The National Disaster Management Centre NDMC base at Fire & Rescue HQ is on their full strength, operating 24 hours on monitoring certain area in the country. Lets pray and hope may Allah bless us, Brunei Darussalam. While this morning I went to Chung Hwa Middle School at BSB. The Kindergarten Department is holding their Chinese New Year celebration. Below are photos I took this morning and afternoon to share with my dear visitors...enjoy!
Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB
Is it a dragon dance or a lion dance?
Anyone, what does it means?
High tide at Kampong Ayer
Two steps left...

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