Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in pictures...speaks a thousand words.

Land slide

Unusual high tide

Liverpool thumped Real Madrid 4-0 in the UCL

Abdul Aziz Harun emerged as Bintang Kecil Champion in March

Farewell with my friend Mr Kamarul Azam Mohamad (seated 1st from right)
DPMM FC won the Singapore League Cup

Due to H1N1 outbreak

HM delivering the Titah only two days before HM's 63rd birthday

Jakarta bomb blast

ABDB Cadet School 1st Sovereign's Parade

Abdul Aziz first oversea trip

Zahra' turns 5

Laila paddy officially harvested

Hazy condition in the middle part of the year

Bintang Radio final back in October

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 2-1 at Anfield

Brunei Darussalam hosted the 3rd Borneo Games back in November

On my perspectives, on my views, on my thoughts, on my writings, on bruneidaily...everything is alternative!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

$pend wi$ely.

Salam, good day. How I wish to get proper pay? *bless* All smiles to Bruneian be it a civil servants or who are working in the private sector to get their annual bonus and salary. I think it is good that the pay day is after the long weekend of (after 25, 26 & 27 Dec), so the cash doesn't flow outside the country. We should keep in mind, the year 2010 also demands a lot such as the new season of schools. It is very important for us to spend wisely rather than owe a lot:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Its time to go home now.

Gelar Seni Budaya Melayu Nusantara

Ak Sahminan (Brunei Darussalam) belting out 'Alun Berdendang'

Abdul Aziz Harun (Brunei Darussalam) belting out 'Zapin Tari Melayu'

This is one very good singer,
Agseisa Galuh Putri (Republic of Indonesia) belting out 'Laksmana Raja di Laut'.

From left; Champion of Bintang Radio 2009 (Ina),
Champion of Bintang Kecil 2009 (Bru),
Champion of Bintang Radio 2009 (Bru).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Too good to leave out.

Salam, good day. Batam Island is a good place to go! In terms of infrastructure they are not far behind with our neighbouring Miri and Labuan. This place is good for shopping, sightseeing and also a good place to get rest. I believe once you get here, I'm sure you are going to plan the second coming. Yesterday I've bought few stuff for the kids *crazy crazy crazy price* To name a few, it only cost me BND$2 to buy a pair of socks, kids shoes cost not over than BND$20 and a lot more to choose from. However I need to save some cash to spend later in Singapore. Since this is a working visit, later this morning I'm heading to Batam Island Administration Office for a courtesy call and press conference:)

The day ended up here at Gold Fish Sea Food Restaurant *damn good*

Not bad as well

RTB's members of delegation enjoying the scene at Balerang Bridge

Not adviceable to get stuff from them

Along the way

This bridge is enough to connect BSB to Sungai Kebun (Kampong Ayer)
*we should have one*

Loving couples loves it here

Fisheries activities by the riverside

Alright, this is the modern part of Batam Island called Nagoya Hill. Why Nagoya? During the World War II, this place is used to be a Japanese Army Camp, no wonder it called Nagoya *un-official statement*. We does not expect its going to be look like this here in Batam Island. I'm afraid to say it is much better than Gadong in terms of traffic control, shops etc. Also they have one Carrefour style hypermart here named Matahari, which I really like!
A & W should make a come back in Brunei