Monday, November 19, 2012


Salam, good day. Yesterday was so hectic, my Sunday has been taken! LOL. I'm a bit lost yesterday, because I need to do my job accordingly, thanks to my wife who has been beside me all the time to offer me an advise when needed.

My schedules supposed to be like this:

  1. BSB Go-Kart Race (morning-afternoon)
  2. Primary School Sports Festival (morning-afternoon)
  3. Cousin's Wedding at Kampong Bengkurong
  4. Cousin's Wedding at Jerudong
  5. Agriculture adn Agri-Food Expo at Jerudong
  6. Veteran Football FA Cup Final (afternoon) and three more other events.
But I could only managed to cover the kart race in bandar. Not much of a story to write down here, but I do post below the over due pics taken during my daughter's kindergarten graduation at Chung Hwa Middle School BSB weeks ago. Have a pleasant week ahead:) 

Sa'adah's Graduation pic 

She has completed the first stage of her studies 

Whilst Zahra' has done it two years earlier 

Post graduation performances entitled 'Red Indian - Rave' 

Most definitely one the most historic day for the kids 

Sa'adah has no problem with dancing, she really likes it. 

Another powerful performance by the kindergarten graduates 

This isn't bad either 

Belting out the School Song to conclude the Graduation Concert 

We are so proud with the progress she has made

BSB Go-Kart Race (Novice)

BSB Go-Kart Race (Senior). It was a race to watch, great to see Harith Aziz and Jefrey Suresh in action and overtaking each other. However Harith emerged as champion, Jefrey came second place and Chan Key Hong in third.

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