Monday, February 20, 2012

Heroic performance, DPMM FC!

Isn't this heroic? This is heroic indeed! This is the results which is unexpected to achieve. Brunei DPMM FC defeated Singapore Armed Forces FC by 2-1. Osman Basiru opened the scoring in the 17th minutes and followed by Shahrazen Mohammad Said in the 80th minutes. Top four finish? I hope more from DPMM FC.

On today's TBT.

I do agree with this opinion by 'nature lover' on today's TBT. These supermarkets makes hundreds of thousands from us and I'm sure they gain more profits during the 'No Plastic Bag' campaign started. At the same time we are asked to buy the reusable bags! Again another profit for them (big smile on their faces). Having said all that, they should provide us the paper bags then instead of the plastic bags. Business is a two way traffic, we know they want 'untung' whilst we dont want 'rugi' too. Alright, peace!

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