Monday, February 13, 2012

Flu flew...

Salam, good day. The past week has been very hectic, the week has been taken from me! haha... Starting from yesterday, rakyat and residence of Brunei Darussalam are asked to raise the flag at their respective offices, residences and business premises. As of today, only eleven days left the nation will celebrate the 28th National Day (23 February 2012).

This has been the trending topic on social network as well as hot news on cable. Whitney Houston (pic background) was found dead at her hotel room in California, she is 48. Houston whose powerful voice has lifted her conquering the music world but of late decline due to her drug abuse. Make things worst, the death was on the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Zambia had destiny on their side when they won the African Nations Cup final 8-7 on penalties against Ivory Coast, for whom Didier Drogba missed a spot kick in normal time. (Source: & Getty Images).

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and manager Kenny Dalglish have both apologised for their actions in the wake of Saturday's explosive game against Manchester United at Old Trafford. (Source: & Getty Images). 

The kids knows how to pose, Sa'adah took this pic. 

This is 'dahsyat' pose haha... This pic took by Zahra'. I only knew this pic while scrolling my phone gallery and it surprised me too.

With his long hair, yesterday morning... 

Unlike before, yesterday he is not afraid of the barber. 

Alright junior, you still look good.

The man in the middle is Kama, our good friend from Langkawi, Malaysia. Actually we used to hire him as our driver while on a working visit especially in northern part of Malaysia. But now he has set up his own car rental service *very successful*. This pic taken during his holiday here last week.  

Also last week, we played host to our colleague from RRI and RTM who is attending a coordination meeting and programme exchange here in Brunei Darussalam. This programme is part of the Memorandum of Understanding between those stations. Next to my left is Indra (RRI), Nooridah Aniwati (RTB) and an engineer from RTM *didn't get her name*

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