Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Islamic Tourism Launch & Exhibition begins today.

Salam, good day. This morning I attended The Islamic Tourism Launch & Exhibition 2011 at the Darul Ifta, Jalan Babu Raja. This is a continous effort by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources in order to offer the tourists an experience they would never get in other country. In our country, especially Muslim visitors, whether members of the Malay community at large wishing to visit the last remaining full-fledged Malay Monarchy or brothers and sisters from the Ummah to see how Islam is practiced in this part of the world, can enjoy the destination without any worries. Non-Muslims visitors too are sincerely welcome, not only to discover Brunei's famed natural and other secular attractions, but also to gain knowledge about, and to experience the Islamic religion or the Malay civilization and heritage. The exhibition is open until 5 April, the admission ticket for adult is priced at $5 and $2 for kids. Please do have a visit before it's too late:) 

HM has consented to launch the exhibits 

A man (Mr.Rozan Yunos) walk passed by the exhibits 

Photo opportunity prior to the event. (L-R) Abdullah Salim, Mahari Rajak, Hazwan Abdullah and Me. What so special? All of us is 'scousers', Liverpool Fans.  

I didn't get the price, wish to get one later... 

Nasional FM Radio broadcaster for live commentary 

The book by Darussalam Holdings Sdn Bhd entitled ' Brunei, The Islamic Experience' was also launched. This book is actually a brochure which  promotes Brunei Darussalam not only as a Kingdom of Unexpected Treasure but also for people to experience Islamic Tourism through the many unique Islamic artifacts on display in the country. Good effort!

Hazwan (L) should stand in the middle instead *lol* 

The car park for such event is should be more organised than this.
The VIP's ride even got stucked.

While waiting for the traffic loosen, we found this. Soto, yummm...

My buddy got one but I've ordered two, shhh...

Also on exhibit

Darussyifa Warrafahah was there as well, the 'pure honey' they sale looks good too *$10 each*

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  1. Interesting.. I thought it starts tomorrow - March 17th. will come around tomorrow lah! Looks great.