Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back here after seven years.

Salam, good day. The last time my wife and I visited Kota Kinabalu was back in October 2003. After seven years, now I'm back here again. Very very very happening here in KK! The kids seems enjoying themselves as well:)

On board BI0821.
Thanks babu amit and co men for those pocket money for the kids.

Hands up! The traffic jam is not welcoming.

Superb scenery

The room aint ready yet

Salma Hayek on Rachael Ray's show holds me on bed

The internet connection is FOC *excellent!

Bay Watch Idol!

My wife having Banana Boat by the pool side

This is one brave boy

I cant afford to buy those lobsters

Its very rare for Zahra' to see Tiger Prawn and Lobster alive

Our dinner for the first night out

...and its cost us RM$236.000!

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