Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wonderful Ramadhan.

Salam, good day. How I wish the whole year is Ramadhan, now it is almost leaving us. Less than a week we are going to celebrate Aidilfitri, but the spirit of Ramadhan has never gone by. Ramadhan has offers a lot to all muslims in terms of rewards, some of the thick-pocket even perform 'umrah' (visit to Mecca) during this holy month. Yes, they spend more but will gain more rewards from Allah the most gracious and the most merciful once they perform 'ibadat' in the holy land. In the meantime while others are busy with their preparation for the festive season, I was still unable to clear up the mess at my workplace. This is going to be very very tough since I have to do two job at once and I hope it will be settle in these few days. May Allah bless us with forgiveness, Ramadhan al-Karim:)

HM attending Tarawih prayer at Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosques

Mudim Ahmad Kasra Ibrahim collecting the 'zakat fitrah'
(About this man, he is a big fan of Liverpool)

As well as Pehin Khatib Hamidon Abdul Hamid. Emmm, I'm yet to pay mine.

...and last Friday I went to the cemetery at Jalan Residency and Jalan Sungai Kebun to pay respect to my late grandfather and grandmother. Photo above shows a revamped and more organised graveyard at Jalan Sungai Kebun. Before you make your booking, please be sure to be obedient to Allah the most merciful. Am I right?

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