Sunday, September 26, 2010

The spirit is there.

Salam, good day. Last evening I attended a Hari Raya Gathering hosted by our department. Last night's function was also in honour of our retired officer who has ended their service this year. Some of them has been working for over 30 years! Isn't that quite long? But since the mandatory pension has been extended until the age of 60, I'm sure the younger generations will serve their department much further. I took a lot of picture last night, but the three below would do enough for my weekend posting. To my colleagues, I'll forward your pictures via email. Wonderful Syawal:)

My ex-boss, Mr.Osman Mohamad (L). He served as a Special Duties Officer at The Prime Minister's Office until his retirement. His previous position was the Director of RTB. During his tenure with our section, he has been our brother, friend and colleague. He is damn friendly! Also the best thing is he never get angry. Although he is the boss, but he never look one!

My ex-boss, Mohamad Sah Salleh delivering his farewell speech. He has been one of my closest colleague to his retirement. He is the one who keeps on complaining almost everyday but also he never let you down. The best way to deal with him is 'negotiate'.

Senior Operation Officer, Mr.Jamain Taib (L). Since he moved to the section which works closer with us, every single job comes easy-peasy! Day in, day out he and his team gave their full cooperations and supports until our job is completely done. This type of guy is actually that we are looking for years! But now, he gonna leave us.

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