Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who plays 'total football'?

Salam, good day. It's been weeks I didn't post news, this is due to office commitment. Since the royal birthday celebration is also coming up, I'm sure the busy time would not be over yet! Now the FIFA World Cup is almost over, South Africa will be hosting the most fascinating World Cup final ever, a match between Spain and the Netherlands. Both teams has never been the champion previously and also, both teams has qualified to the final strongly. Both Spain and the Netherlands has lined up among the most talented players in the world. What an encounter it is going to be! Also, since both teams has 'the Reds' on their starting eleven, I don't mind who is going to win and I'm very hopeful to see a fair play. I can't wait to watch the live coverage later this morning from Soccer City, Johannesburg:)

Few overdue pictures by bruneidaily

PSK's Lawn Bowl

Commentating live on radio

At PSK's Top Spinning court

This one very good craftsmenship!

MSPSBS students on a working visit to my workplace

Taken exactly a year ago at Jalan Besar Stadium Singapore!
I miss the atmosphere...

Zahra' succesfully build her slide

As well as Sa'adah. Yeah, well done!

Art-work by Zahra'

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