Friday, April 30, 2010

Menjejak Kampong kick-starts today.

Salam, good day. It's been a while my blog was really outdated, my appologise to all. Alright guys, this morning I went to Kampong Rataie Mukim Bokok Temburong to attend the launching of The 6th Projek Menjejak Kampong which was organised by RTB. Since I don't have much time to write down stories, please do enjoy the pictures below. Before that, I would also like to express my sincere congratulations to Brunei Radio Service (Government owned) who is celebrating their 53rd anniversary on Sunday 2nd of May:)
Images by bruneidaily

At Limbang border point prior to Temburong

No, this ain't bouncer, they represent Nur Islam instead.

RTB's New Media booth

Health desk

The most acclaimed 'Wajid Temburong'

Haha...My self with Shaikh Malai of New Media and Allen Shim of Pilihan FM

You know what, this microphone still working good.

The most 'wanted' Nahdatul, pictured with my daughter.

This handicrafts comes with a very handsome price tag!

Lunch-ing my time with Temburong's udang galah *damn good*

My daughter and my wife enjoying their 'puspa' and 'cendol'

Our very long day concluded here at Masjid Limau Manis

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  1. wow..u r enjoying udang galah bro..BKful k.. kolestrol karang haha..tpi klw nda selalu..sokey..but watch what u eat..