Monday, April 12, 2010


Salam, good day. For the past few weeks I can hardly roam for news coverage due to office commitment. But I've been following the latest local and international big news story such as QAF FC's demolition of NBT FC as well as MS ABDB win over AM GUNNERS FC, riot in Bangkok, the death of the President of Poland, the comeback of Tiger Woods at Augusta and the FA Cup anti-climax final match between Chelsea and Portsmouth and a lot lot lot more. I believe March and April is the busiest months so far! As for myself, I was also expecting big news from my department. Insya Allah, let's hope everything is coming good:)

The pundit-less Adi Zulhazmi Mohammad Salleh during last evening live match...hehe.
Last evening RTB broadcasted live another FA Cup semi-final match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Portsmouth which ended with 'Pompey' through to the final, setting up a match against Chelsea who is a night earlier defeated Aston Villa by a three goal cushion. The final match will also be broadcast live on RTB2 on the 15th Mei.

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