Sunday, March 21, 2010

Efficient and efficiency.

Salam, good day. Special Olympic Brunei Darussalam 5th National Games came to an end yesterday with the final 5 a-side football match between Simpur House against Gambir House. Simpur however have shown their prowess to claim the gold medal after demolished Gambir by 7-4. The prizes was presented by the guest of honour Awang Haji Omar bin Haji Abdul Rahman, the Permanent Secretary at The Prime Minister's Office who is also officiated the closing ceremony. Overall champion was Gambir House who bagged 32 gold, 16 silver and 13 bronze. Simpur House came 2nd, Sumboi-Sumboi House at 3rd place and 4th place goes to Kudok-Kudok House. Big round of applause to the Special Olympic Brunei Darussalam on their effort to organised such successful event:)

The guest of honour (3rd from right)

Simpur (Y) against Gambir (W)

The KKBS friends...


  1. "The KKBS friends..."
    Hehehe... Aku tu yang pakai spec itam ah!
    Trima kasih! Ahaha... ~

  2. Haha, Mr WiFi Cruiser tu. Thank you.