Monday, March 29, 2010

As expected.

Salam, good day. Yesterday we took some time to our neighbouring Miri for 'mini shopping'. We came with Zahra', whilst Sa'adah and Abdul Aziz was at home with their granny. While at Miri, we can't make it at Secret Recipe but went to Marry Brown instead. Emmm, we have some very good food, good time and good shopping as well. We bought few items for Abdul Aziz's upcoming birthday and some nice out fit. Not much to share actually and not much picture to post. My wife and I was chilling around, wonderful time and we really miss Sa'adah and Abdul Aziz during our short trip there:)

Hazy in Seria caused by bush fires

Zahra' enjoying her meal

A lot to choose from

Just take a look at the plastic bag next to her, it is value for money!

Performed Asar at Masjid Kampong Pandan, KB.

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