Saturday, January 16, 2010


Salam, good day. The 2nd day of 'Asia vs Europe 9 Ball Team Challenge 2010 has pulled larger crowd. It ain't local people but they are Filipino expate instead, who is offering their support for their national hero Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante. However both of them was unable to perform, Bustamante lost 1-5 to Ralf Souquet of Germany as well as Reyes who is still suffering from a back injury slightly defeated by Nick van den Berg of the Netherlands by 3-5. In other match Lu Hui Chan of Chinese Taipei won by 5-4 to an Englishman Imran Majid and pride of the host nation Teo Chee Soon silenced the European camp after defeated Ruslan Chinahov of Russia by 5-2. Big round of applause to the organiser who have shown their guts to organised such tournament, thank you:)

HRH The Crown Prince was among the attendees

Nick van den Berg on his way to defeat Efren Reyes

On 9 and shot!

You've won Nick!

Love lost...

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