Monday, October 5, 2009

Reds falls at the Bridge.

Salam, good day. Now we are in the mid of Syawal *oooh*. I really miss Ramadhan which I felt goes by that fast. For this year's hari raya, I managed to pay a visit almost of my entire family. It ain't easy since everybody was also leaving their home during these festive seasons. For those who is planning to host an open house, you still have got time. However I'm yet to perform my six days 'puasa sunat'. Hopefully I'm able to do that in these few days. In the meantime, the current weather in the country is very unpredictable. Also, I pay my deepest sympathy and condolonces to our neighbouring country who is experiencing a bad weather condition namely Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Let's hope all comes good:)

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