Friday, October 9, 2009

Gearing up for sports activities.

Salam, good day. I have another few assignments coming up in these few days, which I believe would minimise my time on the internet *hehe*. Today, the Imams has highlighted the dangers of smoking in their Khutbah. The sermon reminded smokers that smoking not only harms the smokers themselves but others around them too. Research shows that smoke inhaled by the passive smokers is dangerous to health. This is because passive smokers are exposed to unfiltered smoke that contains dangerous chemicals. According to researches, the risk of getting heart disease is 30 per cent higher among passive smokers. The sermon added that smokers could also be committing both sin and cruelty because they could cause others to have cancer and heart disease. In some cases, heads of family who smoke could endanger the lives of their spouses and children. This happens when the family is forced to become passive smokers and inhale toxic chemicals from cigarettes, the Imams said. Which one would you choose now, your helath / family or continue smoking?:)

DST Group Brunei League (Premier II) - 09 /10 / 09
+ MENGLAIT FC vs LUN BAWANG FC - Track & Field HBNSC Berakas, 4pm
+ KILANAS FC vs KSJ PENJARA - Berakas Sports Complex, 4pm
+ MUARA VELLA FC vs PERKASA FC - Berakas Sports Complex, 8.15pm

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