Friday, August 7, 2009

World breastfeeding week, bruneidaily support!

Salam, good day. In today's sermon the imams has stressed on the importance and advantages of breast feeding for infant and the mother itself. In Islam, it is very benefited to give breast feeding to infant for two years (if possible) and it is supported scientifically. In the sermon also stated that breast feeding is the best food for infant, not even the formula milk could rival it. World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually from August 1 to 7 in commemoration of the Innocenti Declaration that was made in Italy in 1990 by policy-makers of member countries of World Health Organisation and UNICEF:)

It seems that, not even a rain could overcome the hazy problem. This picture was taken yesterday at 5.15 pm, maybe around 30 minutes after the rain stop.

The message is really good, No Drugs at All.
But what seems the problem here?

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