Tuesday, August 18, 2009

May Allah bless Sa'adah...

Salam, good day. Last evening we celebrated our daughter Sa'adah 3rd birthday anniversary (27 Syaaban). We bought her a cup cakes and she loves it. Although it was a small celebration, but it means a lot to us since my wife and I always keeps busy for the whole week. Happy birthday to our beloved Sa'adah and may Allah bless you:)

Actually she likes strawberry. Since we don't have any choice but to bought her a chocolate cake *you'll get the proper one on the 20th September*

Babu, bapa, kaka & adik will always love you

Wish for your own good

With her eldest sister Zahra' (R)

With their brother Abdul Aziz *ZZZzzzzzz*


  1. salam ziarah,
    selamat hari lahir kepada adik Sa'adah (27 Syaaban).
    comei2nyer cupcake tu.

  2. tabam jua saadah atu bang adi.. hehehe.