Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rafa or the players?

Salam, good day. Ramadhan al-Karim. May this Ramadhan will rewards us more than we can normally achieve, amin. My today's header is 'Rafa or the players?', referring to Liverpool 1-3 defeat to Aston Villa. Is there is any problem at Anfield? Although it is still very early to write the Kops off for the title challenge, but this is really a bad sign. Really bad, oh dear... Alright, bruneidaily is dry of alternative news off late *I'm very busy due to office commitment*. So let me share with you few pictures from bd mailbox. Cheers:)

School bus in Japan

This is the interior *bless*

School bus in Pakistan. Let's not talk about the sophisticated Japanese school bus, but the question is aren't we lucky enough in Brunei? Thank you Allah.

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