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MO to MU.

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THE flag is the nation's pride which must be given the utmost attention and while it is being hoisted and to ensure that it is in good condition, said the sermons yesterday.

Citizens and residents of Brunei, the sermons said, must adhere to the government's call and fly the national flag to mark His Majesty's 63rd birthday celebration as a sign of loyalty and obedience to the beloved ruler and country.

"A flag symbolises the unity of citizens in a country despite their differences in religion and understanding, it will continue to unite under the leadership of a king or leader," said the sermon.It also called for all citizens to fly the national flag to further enliven the royal birthday celebrations.

The sermon in referring to the history of Islam as a lesson where the faithfuls defended their flags from being desecrated during the time of war to protect and maintain the dignity and sovereignty of the country.

The sermon reminded the congregation that unity guarantees security, creates prosperity and progress as the flag symbolises a country, thus as citizens of this country the flag must be respected as a show of deep appreciation for the country.
The sermon added that a national flag spurs passion for patriotism and nationalism, noting that sporting contingents and foreign conferences usually displays their flags as a sign of recognition for the country they are representing.

Each country, the sermon added, has its own individual flag with its own identity. A flag is a form of symbol of a country and the sovereignty of a leader and nation, said the sermon.Brunei's national flag has a three colour stripes: yellow, white and black. In the middle is a red coloured crest with Arabic writings that translates as "always do good work through Allah's guidance". These words within the crest have their own deeper meanings in terms of always providing service, devoted and carrying out duties for the religion and nation with the guidance of Allah," said the sermon.
According to the sermon, these are still relevant in all concept of life in terms of family, communities and nationalism, as well as in line with the country's philosophy of Malay Islam Monarchy (MIB) and the teachings of Islam. (SHS1) The Brunei Times.

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