Friday, July 10, 2009

Brunei DPMM FC vs Tampines Rovers tonight!

Salam, good day. Today is the first time ever I spend a day in Singapore on Friday. Meaning that I'm able to perform mass Friday prayer and yes I make used of it. During the Imam delivering his sermon, I was a bit of emotional. As muslim, we are very fortunate to live in Brunei. But it was different story here in Singapore, some of them (muslims) are suffering. Also, it is very rare to see a mosque with no air-conditioner in Brunei, it was the other way round here. I spend few notes for 'sedekah' which I hope could reduce their burden and of course I wish to get something from Allah the almighty:)

The huge Plaza Singapura

Off late, my wife was a big fan of Crocs.

A lot of choices *but no discount*

My today's lunch 'beriyani kambing'

During the 'khutbah'

Singaporean muslims

The historical Masjid Sultan

Madrasah's students

Scene at Arab street

I paid this man a visit

After almost over 30 minutes of searching,
at last I found this at Bugis Junction.

Rival to Bengawan Solo and very popular here

Nice packing as well

Special force presence everywhere


I went here last evening

It is to much for a taxi, but it's not at Changi!

Prior to my departure last night, 30 minutes delay.

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