Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Salam, good day. It seems very scary now, although we are asked not to worry regarding the outbreak of Influenza A H1N1 in our country. What we should do now is to follow the advice by the relevant authorities mainly The Ministry of Health on how to prevent the virus to spread. Prevention is better than cure!

Are we going to have our very own Times Square? I wish. I'm sure it will attract Bruneian to spend here rather than shopping across the boarder should it be completed. Also, it is very near to the airport. Location? +: Reduce the traffic at Gadong & no cash flowing across the boarder. -: Worsen the traffic at Berakas round about.

This is the problem faced by the residence nearby and road users at Jalan Subok. This Jalan Kianggeh (pic above) should be re-open for motorists by 17th June (see orange board) after six months of closure. But as at yesterday it is still being closed. The public (mainly frequent users) is yet to know what is actually the reason behind the closure. Anybody?

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