Tuesday, June 30, 2009

15 days to 15th July.

Salam, good day. Today is my second day attending a four days workshop on 'Public Service Announcement'. I should have told you about this yesterday *my appologise* While I was attending this workshop, please don't expect much alternative news to be posted *I was dry of news though*. However last evening I've attended a welcoming dinner hosted by RTB for the delegations from RTM Sarawak. The delegations is led by Munsyi Abdullah, Acting Director. They will be here for four days and part of their programmes are a coordination meeting and recording of 'bermukun' among the two stations. In the meantime, last afternoon I took sometime to have a sneak preview on the preparations for HM's 63rd birthday celebrations. It's going really well:)

Arch at Jalan Tutong

Junction at Jalan Dato Basir, the arch is yet to be put on

Arabic numbers means '63'

Scene at Jalan Sultan

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