Saturday, May 30, 2009

S-League no more?

Salam, good day. Again, I appologise on being outdated on my post. I've got slight fever on Friday and even today. Meaning that bruneidaily unable to roam for news coverage but expect more story by next week. I'm heading to Singapore on Monday on a working visit. Alright, if you happened to read today's local newspaper sports headline, i'm sure you'll dead shock. Brunei DPMM FC participation in the S-League might be terminated. This is due to the complexities over Brunei Darussalam Football Association (BAFA) which had an impending impact on it's FIFA's membership and the status of Football Federation of Brunei Darussalam (FFBD) which is yet to be recognised by the international governing body of football. According to Pengiran Haji Muhd Waslimin (Acting Club Manager of DPMM FC) the club is deeply saddened by the recent development although the club believes that all parties concerned have given their due consideration in the matter. He added that the club will try to appeal to the appropriate authorities in the hope that 'reconsideration' be given to the club in this particular circumstances. This long saga is yet to be resolve. Let's wait for the outcome soon:)

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