Monday, May 25, 2009

But, Bar, Rai & Mas at Monaco.

Salam, good day. Weaheyy...Yesterday, an eventful weekend it was! In the morning I went to Chung Hwa Middle School in which they are celebrating Childrens' Day. In the afternoon I went to Studio 'A' RTB for Bintang Radio semi-final which was organised by Harmoni FM, RTB. Later I went to Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien for the Energy Fair in conjunction with the Energy Week. However I missed out the Netball Final at the Multi Purpose Hall HBNS Complex. After being discharge from the RIPAS ward on Wednesday and on medical leave for two days, back to work on Saturday and Sunday...I owe my family much of their time! My kids keep on saying '...boring bapa, working all the time...'. What can I do dear:)

CHMS board of directors

KG 3 children belting out 'Bunyi Gitar'

KG 2 children doing their 'Ase re je'

Bintang Radio finalists
Ten finalists vying for the final of Bintang Radio which is schedule to be held on the 28th of June. Hey, Brunei never dry of new singing talents! The ten finalists did well during the semi-final which was being judged by Salmaya Husin, Abdullah Kifli and Pg Shaiful Rizal Malek Faisal Pg Merali. A big hand to Harmoni FM, RTB on their effort to organised such contest. Also, all the participants are belting out oldies numbers (as the regulations stands for Bintang Radio). Very nostalgic! That is actually what differentiate the Bintang Radio to any other singing contests.

Harmoni FM DJ's
In their capacity as the working committee

The emcee DJ Iskandar

Contests for the cutest eyes (chinese look alike)

Energy Fair at Taman

A lot of activities

However, this is the aftermath

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