Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thriller 8 Anfield.

Salam, good day. If you happened to read today's newspaper headline (BB & MP), I am sure you'll dead shock. Two local Bruneian, a male and female respectively has been detained by the NCB for growing marijuana plants or popularly known as 'ganja'. According to NCB, officers surveillance on the suspect for three months. The bureau however did not reveal where the location was. The NCB welcomes the public who have information on drug related activities to contact the bureau at 2448877 or 8777444.

War on drugs has failed: UN Official. As Reported by AFP, The war on drugs has been a failure and nations should take a softer approach in dealing with addicts by providing them with access to treatment and respecting their human rights, a top UN rights official.

How big is the commercial billboard compare
to anti drugs banner? Can you see 'Sayangi Keluarga
Hindari Dadah'?

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