Sunday, April 12, 2009

ASEAN Summit...when?

Salam, good day. I missed out to attend Bukit Markuching Run this morning, it is only because I've excuse! Two more event I should attend this afternoon is Sports for The Special Needs People at The HBNS and Kelab Harmoni at Studio 'A' RTB. Pictures of those event will be posted should I attend 'em. Last night was yet another great perfomance from Liverpool after Torres scored a couples and another two by Agger and Ngog help them to dumped Rovers 4-0. But it's only for a while they are on pole position after MU snatched a 2-1 victory against Sunderland. Scary moment was also for Chelsea, yep...leading by four goals to nil but the combative Wanderers ended the game by 4-3. I can't wait to see how The Reds will react against The Blues next week in their QF 2nd leg at Stamford Bridge. Have a pleasant week ahead!
After missed out the Bukit Markuching Run, I missed out
yet another event. This is due to heavy rain at my place.
No excuses...emmm.

The curtain is down...meaning that I'm late for
Sports for Special Needs which ended today.

Rain shower at the stadium

No, they are not competing...They're having fun

At 4.30 pm, I went to RTB in Bandar for Kelab Harmoni

The emcees...
1st Zumai & 2nd Liya (from right) was listed on my link

Among the audience

He is belting out 80's number

Some of them are from KB

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