Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reds vs Blues.

Salam, good day. While in Singapore I've met a lot of friends and some other Bruneians. I feel very much at home there mainly if you are staying at The Royal Plaza on Scotts. I even met Paula Malai Ali. At Geylang Serai I also met my uncle 'Pa Damit Adol and Bu Eton', what a coincidence it was! It has been a long time I didn't meet them. Insya Allah, I wish to bring along my family for holiday should time and $$$$ permits. However, it is back to work now. I have a lot to do, may Allah bless me with a good health and mentally very strong to complete the unfinish. Amin.
Friday's sports headline on BT

Such a huge airport complex, Changi Terminal 3

Dont expect good price here

My favourite boutique

They wish to win the $700k prize

This uncle served me at BK, he is 70+

Untouch inside the toilet, I bring my own

The mini bar as well, I never use it although it is
free. Also what I like at Royal Plaza, they are the
first hotel in the world with no smoking zone and
that provide free mini bar.

Large block of candle wax on display at the lobby

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